The Top 5 Destination Wedding Venues on the Amalfi Coast!

I recently had an incredible time on the beautiful open road with amazing and reputable fine art and wedding photographer Tanja Kibogo exploring five picture-perfect Amalfi Coast wedding venues. The coast is quite surreal and the feelings of history mingled with romance is quite palpable. We were so excited to experience the beauty of it all! We took our time to explore each venue, every nook and cranny, and captured some breathtaking shots as we researched and examined all of the ways in which the venues could be used for the most extravagant or most intimate wedding. The Villa Cimbrone, Hotel Belmond Caruso, Palazzo Avino, Villa Treville and Villa Astor were quite spectacular and together they completed our list of Amalfi Coast wedding venues to share and feature.

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Villa Cimbrone

Villa Cimbrone is, I believe, the most well known and prestigious hotel both in Ravello and on the Amalfi Coast, itself. This perfect villa must be approached by foot, as this small, quaint and medieval town atop a hill seems truly secreted away, with only small roads leading the way. Ravello is a peaceful, idyllic little town. The quaintness really does add a lovely charm to the town that is wonderfully infectious, and the views of the Mediterranean don’t hurt, either! The Belvedere Terrace, also known as the Terrace of Infinity, boasts sensational panoramic views as far as the eye can see. Though the terrace itself is not large enough to host a complete wedding dinner, it can hold lovely and intimate wedding ceremonies and cocktail receptions. So, what it lacks in size it makes up for in intimacy and beauty.

The Crypt at Villa Cimbrone is also quite famous and for both wedding receptions and dinners is a unique and romantic spot with it’s enormous columns and stunning views. The Tea Garden has a lovely terracotta palette and is used for ceremonies only, so one could begin here and move to the Crypt to continue the festivities and celebrations. However, if you’re looking for an Amalfi Coast wedding venue that can contain the ceremony, cocktails and dinner then the outdoor terrace may be exactly what you’re looking for. The lawn is expansive with lovely views of colourful, old potted plants and statues, and due to its size is often used as the perfect location for wedding dinners, but there is no doubt you can celebrate your whole wedding day here if you so choose.

Hotel Belmond Caruso

The Hotel Belmond Caruso was once an 11th century palace and the lavishness of the architecture and grounds make that quite easy to believe. It’s located on the opposite side of Ravello and shows you a different, but equally picturesque, view of the Mediterranean. The garden is graced with a lovely olive tree grove and is a wonderful spot for an intimate wedding dinner. A wedding ceremony could be held on the other side of the property while the beautiful infinite pool, which awesomely blends the waters with both sea and sky so you feel as though you are a part of the stunning expanse, makes a lovely area for cocktails with enough space for a dj and a bit of dancing! Though the grounds of the Hotel Belmond Caruso are not large, they really can make for a luxurious wedding affair.

Palazzo Avino

You’ll find the Palazzo Avino right next door to the Belmond, similar in location and also a wonderfully intimate Amalfi Coast wedding venue. It overlooks cozy fishing villages and has maintained its old, 12th century charm. The lush greens of ivy and lawns blended with pale peaches give it a joyful feeling. The rooftop terrace is bright and beautiful though small and can only be used if you privatize the villa. Consider it a bonus feature if you rent out the entire hotel! Dinners can only be held at the restaurant due to the size of the space, though the Michelin Star guarantees a delicious meal. A small ceremony beforehand would allow about 10 to 15 guests in the villa entrance way or for a larger group, why not on the lovely lawn area that overlooks the glistening pool lounges.

Villa Treville

A five star luxury hotel, the Villa Treville truly is a “private Eden”. This exclusive Oasis is located in Positano, famous for the coloured houses that dot the cliffs along the sea. Positano is a positively bustling town, both glamorous and high end, where nightlife, shops and cafes abound. The villa, more like a home than a hotel, is one of the most exclusive wedding venues on the Amalfi coast. Considered the crème de la crème of the Positano shoreline, this ultra-luxury boutique hotel comes with all the amenities one would expect with a minimum budget of 1 million euros.

The secreted away clubhouse is only accessible by boat and restricted to guests or private yacht club members – yes, the villa clubhouse has its own yacht club! This idyllic, hidden spot is heavenly for a wedding welcome event and the Villa Treville’s famous outdoor round ceremony setting is a feast for your eyes as you gaze over Positano – when you’re not gazing at the bride and groom! There is also a perfect little reception space in the back of the villa with lush greenery and brilliantly manicured lawns where up to about 200 guests can gather for a wonderful catered meal.

You’ll find that there are very few restrictions regarding how you want to set up your wedding ceremony, wedding reception or dinner. With such beautiful views and options, you’re able to create any number of design experiences to fulfil whatever wedding dream you may have.

Villa Astor

Villa Astor is the last venue on our tour. It is in the beautiful town of Sorrento, a town that somehow seems to perfectly blend old world and modern styles. The villa is owned by the Heritage Collection, which also owns Villa Balbiano of Lake Como, Chateau de Villette in Paris and Villa Clara in Rome, all just gorgeous venues in this collection. Home to one of the largest botanical gardens in Italy, they really are a selling point as you search for an Amalfi Coast wedding venue ,and they’re so large there could be multiple events happening within the gardens at the same time in separate parts of the gardens.This barely scratches the surface though, in terms of the beauty of this place!  

Unlike the other wedding venues discussed, Villa Astor is a private villa as opposed to a hotel. Inside, the home is like a museum with its breathtaking marble floors and staircases, stunning art and furnishings and lavish library, all recently renovated. If you wish to use the villa as a venue, it must be privatized as it runs as more of a home than a hotel. The options for the wedding ceremony, dinner and experiences you can create here are endless, there are very few restrictions for the private rental. You also have the option to hire butler service and staff that will cook fabulous meals and take care of the meal planning during your stay. Indoor and outdoor pools and boat access adds to the incredible luxury that this villa provides its guests. The Villa Astor truly is a unique venue unto itself and those with extravagant budgets can plan for this exclusive and surreal wedding experience.

The Amalfi Coast is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful spots in the world. With expansive views of the aqua and blue Mediterraean, the small, colourful buildings nestle into the coast remind you of a bygone time. The food and wine are sensational, the towns idyllic and picturesque, the beaches quite perfect. The unique Greek and Roman medieval history lends to the wonderful blend of old world strength and romance. It’s no wonder this little spot in the world is so famous and idealized as a place to travel.  It really is a dream destination for couples who seek the perfect place to celebrate their once in a lifetime day, and hopefully this collection of Amalfi Coast wedding venues can help make that dream even more of a reality!

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Photography: Tanja Kibogo Photography

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