How to Find the Best Wedding Venues in France and Italy!

With an epically crazy 2020 behind us, now is the time to look excitedly to the future and start focusing on how to find your dream destination wedding venue in France and Italy! Whilst weddings and events were quiet and waiting to get rolling again, we’ve still been hard at work and are thrilled to be able to introduce the brand new, updated NKT Events Wedding Venue Guide for France and Italy 2021!

Despite the year we’ve all had, France and Italy are still two of the world’s most popular wedding destinations, but finding the perfect venue isn’t always easy. When you have to look at prices, regions, locations, guest allowance, music curfews, and numerous other important details to plan your perfect wedding, it can understandably become overwhelming.

That’s where our wedding venue guide comes in!

Our latest guide highlights new venues and all of the finer details you need to know, and offers them all in one place. To help you get started, our guide shares a list of what to ask when you’re searching for the best destination wedding venue, from thinking about your budget, guest experience, vision, and hiring a planner, and more. From there, our Venue Guide dives into 18 dream-worthy wedding venues we just can’t get enough of.

With France being one of the most popular wedding destinations, the romance of Paris, the history of Burgundy, the stunning views of the French Riviera, and the breathtakingly rugged coastline of Brittany are our favorite regions, and we’ve brought them straight to you in detailed pages throughout our guide!

The historic Burgundy region offers architecture right out of the old fairytale villages, with famous wineries, picture-perfect canals and one of our favorite venues, the Chateau de Varennes. With an in-house Michelin rated chef, accommodation for up to 40 guests, and no limit to your party time inside, this venue is a 10 out of 10!

If getting married in the World’s Most Romantic City is more your style, Paris’ Chateau de Villette offers you the ultimate in luxury within its 75 hectares of woodland park surrounded by two lakes.

The rolling hills of Tuscany, the dramatic Lake Como, sweeping views and cliffs of Sorrento, and jewel that is Amalfi make it clear as to why Italy, yet another of the world’s most popular wedding destinations, is included in our 2021 wedding venue guide. Lake Como’s Villa Balbiano leaves us speechless every time we enter its vast gardens and walk into the intimate yet grand lakeside residence.

With every important question answered by our new 2021 Venue Guide, you won’t be as overwhelmed since we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Your most difficult task will be deciding which venue you love the most!

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Happy Planning…xo

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