Wedding Photography Workshops with Sylvie Gil

It’s almost the beginning of another fall season and right about now we would be getting ready to start on the planning and coordination for yet another edition of the Sylvie Gil Workshops. But as the world is still on hold at the moment and we do not know when we will coming together again, let’s take a look back at the last two workshop editions and continue to be inspired by the beauty captured through the lense of Sylvie Gil.

In 2018, I found myself at the beautiful Chateau de Varennes in Burgundy, France with the brilliant Sylvie Gil for one of Sylvie’s highly sought after wedding photography workshops. We worked alongside renown Wedding Planner Shannon Leahy and florist and Moon Canyon Design to create a photoshoot that brought the Renaissance Era to life. We focused on darker, earthy tones in mustard yellow, deeper rusts, terracotta with velvet to create a rich tapestry that would inspire the feeling of a Renaissance painting. Fresh fruit and flowing florals added to the mood of the shoot. Lace gowns by Naeem Khan, pops of fresh florals in the hair, stone statues and brass busts all added the the air of the French Middle Ages. The arch under which one of our couples stood, etched with rust coloured writing, completed that sense of a bygone era represented through the art of their time.

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A year after the Renaissance workshop, I found myself working with Sylvie again. This time the theme was Modern French Country. We were back at the gorgeous Chateau De Varennes, but this time the feeling was softer and lighter. Darci Greenwood took the lead on the design and the results were stunning. Dove’s egg blues, tans, dusty roses and traditional french toile kept the tone formal yet fun. You can learn more about the shoot here.
It was amazing to see how vastly different Sylvie’s wedding photoshoots were from one year to the next. The venue was the same, but with a change of design and her keen eye for detail, both workshops were completely new and inspired. The Renaissance shoot had a darker, moodier depth, both beautiful and refined. The French Country shoot brought us to a much more modern France, charming, playful, chic and truer to life.

One thing I love most about Sylvie Gil’s work is that she has a way of always keeping her content new and fresh. She always brings in new talent, her team is ever-changing so each design is always seen through new eyes. She works with the best of the best and the industry is always waiting to see what new inspired and fresh content her team will create next. Looking forward to the next project!

To see more of the 2018 Workshop with Shannon Leahy and Moon Canyon Design, click here and for more of the 2019 Workshop with Darci Greenwood, check out our previous blog post here.

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