Destination Wedding Planning Masterclass at EFAP, Lyon

This past January, I was absolutely honored to be asked to teach my first masterclass in Destination Wedding Planning at EFAP International School of Communication in Lyon. I was elated to have the opportunity to teach the up and coming generation of event planners about destination wedding planning and share what I’ve learned and been inspired by over the years.

Thirty-one 5th year Events and Communications students participated in this English speaking masterclass and presentation. I began by giving them a fuller understanding of destination wedding planning, sharing my personal experiences, lessons and what has inspired me. From the importance of client connection, finding your design voice, the perfect venue and more, we dove right in! My friend and colleague, floral designer Edina Galfi from La Maison Dautel also joined as our guest speaker. She filled in the students on her experience working with international vendors and what it’s like to collaborate with wedding planners as well as the importance of truly understanding and appreciating your clients’ vision.

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Following the teaching portion of the morning, the students got to have a chance to plan and design their own destination wedding. They broke up into groups and were given a client profile that included the client’s story and an inspirational photo with which to start. From there, the students had to create a mood board and come up with their own colour palette and design. They had to come up with activities for the couple to do throughout the event, and had to plan the ceremony, cocktail party and reception – from the timeline and preparations to organizing the venue as well as the multiple vendors they needed to help bring their design to life! The students worked so hard and really had a great time! It was such a thrill to be able to shed a light on international weddings and how they differ from working with local vendors and planners, bridging the gap, in a way, to give them a more rounded understanding of event planning and design. This masterclass was such a wonderful experience and I very much look forward to the opportunity to teach one again. So many thanks to EFAP, Edina and of course, the amazing students!

Photography: Ibrahim Elhinaid

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